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Yulio is a SaaS platform that provides turnkey virtual reality for architecture & design. Integrating with existing AutoCAD and Sketchup workflows, Yulio allows for single-click creation of virtual reality experiences for design collaboration, sales, and marketing.

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My role

As UX Designer I oversaw the wireframing, flow, implementation, and testing of numerous key features across all device experiences: VR, mobile, and web.

In 2018 we implemented a complete design overhaul, improving overall user experience, and drastically increasing development velocity of new features through standardization of components and design systems.

Experience authoring

One of the major features we deployed was the Hotspot Authoring tool. This allowed content creators to create spatial navigation links between scenes and attach custom labeling across all device experiences.

The patterns introduced set the foundation the advanced content authoring tools: video, images, text annotations, floorplans, and pen markup.


This feature allows a host to initiate a live shared VR session with multiple participants across VR, mobile, and web experiences, allowing for guided exploration of designs.

Given the relative “newness” of VR and usability testing, we implemented several ease-of-use features to allow collaboration sessions to be joined as easily as possible through text message links and room codes.