The Veil, an experiment in immersive design

The Veil is modeled on indie game experimentations like Dear Esther and Gone Home, and attempts to shift those experiences into a mobile context. It's an attempt to make a mobile game that is differentiated in the market from the plasticy F2P class, and to find an audience that normally rejects mobile games over podcasts, ebooks, or episodic TV in their daily commute. 

As a result, our game design is paidia-focused. Very light on ludology and abstract in its presentation of goal. The narrative design is one of fragmentation: brief, poetic, and shifting. Presentation is sometimes linear/sequential, and other times structured randomness. 

The core idea is: poetic interplay. Through a strong thematic bond between place, theme, character, and story, the game aims to create spontaneous moments of beauty as the storytelling intersects with the players own curiosities in the environment. 

The pilot episode was pitched to Microsoft and Nokia and funded in a timed exclusivity deal. The pilot episode was downloaded over 100,000 times, received multiple storefront features, Third prize in the Unity Game Development competition, nominated for a Canadian Videogame Award, and holds a 4.5/5 average review in the US marketplace.

We received a Creative BC grant to build the full 4-episode story arc and add iOS and Android. We've also joined ID@Xbox.