Interactive Installations

// Hybridity



Hybridity is a music label and digital art collective producing works that integrate music, art, and motion.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Hybridity created several of these works and operates Generate, a platform for event-specific social media experience and content creation.

My Role

As a Creative Technologist I developed and designed new project through prototyping in Unity3D, Maya, and Processing.

I also played a key role in deployment of installations, preparing final code, conducting on-site tech setup, and working with venues to communicate requirements through rider specifications

Play || Jazz

Created for the Vancouver Jazz Festival in 2012, Play || Jazz allows visitors to engage with motion-controlled visuals and procedural jazz. I developed the software to use depth-based blob tracking to procedurally generate visuals from Malcolm Levy’s photography.


Passages was a projection mapping of the BC Ferries building in Victoria, BC. A collaboration with Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys, Passages used BC Ferry routes and live vessel communications as an audio/visual backdrop to Transmit Live 2012.