// Pitch for Unity & Universal


Eden was a concept for a new game in the Battlestar Galactica universe pitched as a part of the Universal GameDev Challenge. This first-person RPG puts the player in control of a vast garden ship as they fight to keep her afloat. A small fleet of unique NPC characters make the journey to find a new home and reveal a potential Cylon in their midst.

my role

Acting as a Project Director (Art & Technology), I established high level design pillars, the core gameplay loop, setting and world story, and creative briefing for collaborators in preparing the pitch.

Working with our Producer, I also helped establish production timelines, budget, additional funding vectors, and vertical slice content.

Design pillars

  • It’s your ship. Take control of the Eden and make her your own. Install experimental hacks in engineering, open panels and change the wiring. Do what you have to do to keep her alive.

  • Story that strains relationships. Seek out a new home with other ships in the fleet. Negotiate through the different needs and wants of other characters and choose your allegiances carefully.

  • Uncover the saboteur. A Cylon hides somewhere in the fleet. Explore the vast on-ship garden to gather clues before it is too late.

Player Experience

We wanted to create an experience where the player truly lives within and inhabits their own ship. Through modifications, upgrades, and simply wandering the vast garden at the heart of the ship, the player experiences a spacefaring adventure in the first person, providing a humanist point of view.

Through interacting with other NPCs in the fleet we wanted to create an intricate web of choices and relationships while still being isolated on the Eden. From resources to technologies to paths through the story, we wanted to create dilemmas where the player must balance the wants and needs of the fleet as they move through story events.