I'm a multi-faceted Designer and Creative Technologist with over 6 years experience in games, applications, experiential installations, and digital marketing; utilizing skill sets in game/level/narrative design, UI/UX design, art direction, and technical design with award-winning projects in leadership roles.

Side Projects

Recently I designed a modular IoT solution to keep fictional astronaut Mark Watney alive on Mars as a part of Microsoft and NASA's "Hacking Mars" global design challenge. Our team won the Grand Prize and spent a day hanging out with Microsoft's Design, Research and HoloLens teams in Redmond. We also got to chat with The Martian author Andy Weir.

In the mid-90s I picked up a Dr. Dobbs magazine and taught myself HTML in grade 4, and started the definitive Goosebumps fan page of the early internet. I was featured in The Toronto Star in 1996 as "Webmaster of the Universe" - my website being called "Matt's Planet". I still pop-up in the odd Goosebumps-related article.

The Tools

UnityAdobe Photoshop, UXPin, and InVision are my primary tools. Sketch is neat-o but I love my Surface Pro.

In Unity, I have also worked with ProBuilder, PlayMaker, Smart Fox Server, SECTR, ProCamera, SRDebugger, Vuforia, Flurry Analytics, Unity Game Analytics, Unity Cloud Build, and launched for iOSAndroid, and Windows Phone.

In the past I have also worked with PythonPHP, OpenCV, Javascript, Quartz, Git/Mercurial, and Java for specific project demands, as well as general "full stack" web development (for those days when we just need a new website for the project). 

What Iā€™m looking to do next

I'm looking to tackle envelope-pushing, business-defining design problems that work with cutting edge technologies. But mostly, I just want to work with great people!

I am also currently pursuing a Nanodegree in Full Stack Web Development to further ponder design and technology. 

I am particularly interested in the design applications of machine learning, and augmented reality.